Sunday 3 January 2021

Interview with new Phantom artist - Sanjay Valecha

Hello Phans,

Hope you have enjoyed reading the 2 Christmas special Phantom comics from Regal publications (Kerela,India) which came out in December 2020. The artwork in the stories (written by TonyDepaul)  is by one of my favorite Phantom artist -Paul Ryan.
The cover artist for one of these 2  comics was the seasoned Indian Phantom artist - Vincent Moses Raja.(We interviewed him earlier and you can find that interview on this blog).

The other cover was drawn by a new artist - Sanjay Valecha. It features a 'pumped up' Phantom taking on the bad guys along with his trusted partner Devil

We managed to talk to Sanjay and given below is a brief Q&A with him

Q1. Tell us briefly about your background.Are you a professional artist? Where exactly do you stay? 

My name is Sanjay Valecha. My home town is Neemuch (Madhya pradesh - A state in Central India).  Art is my hobby but I have made it  my part-time profession since last 2 years. In this time I have worked on  at least 10-12 comics for different publishers and many other book cover and concept arts. I couldn't complete my study, due to personal reasons, but I am studying now from distance education. I am working at Municipal council Neemuch as a computer operator.
Earlier I was working at a printing press as a graphic designer in part time. I gives at least 4 hours daily to my illustration work.

Q2.  Who were your inspirations? Did you get inspired by any particular artist? 

From my childhood I loved  reading comics. They are two Indian comics artists who always inspire me, first is Mr.Dheeraj Verma and the second is Mr. Edison George a.k.a Manu. I like both of them for there artworks and art techniques.

Q3.  Are you a Phantom fan yourself? When were you introduced to Phantom?

Of-course I am a Phantom fan. I have read many comics of Phantoms and I have a collection too

Q4.  Have you drawn Phantom for any other publication earlier?

No. It’s first time I have drawn Phantom for any publisher.

Q5. How do the current Phantom artists compare with the classic ones like McCoy/Sy Barry?

The classics had their own style  which is very different from the current artists.They can't be compared

Q6. What do you think is the reason for Phantom's enduring popularity in India?

I think the  simplicity of the stories of Phantom's comics is the main reason for the enduring popularity in India.

Q7. How did you  get to draw the cover for the Phantom comics by Regal?
 Being a passionate illustrator, I saw an ad of Regal comics and I contact them to do the cover .

Q8. Did you receive any guidelines from King Features to draw the cover?

Q9. Were you able to read the stories before you drew the cover ?

Q.10. Do you draw digitally now or the traditional way using paper and pencil?
 I draw in the traditional way using paper and pencil

Q11. What has been the feedback so far on your cover art for the Phantom comic?
 I   have not received any so far (  Phans go ahead and tell him what you felt about the cover art. Feedback is always good for the artists)

Q.12 Would you like to do a complete Phantom story someday?

Yes, of course. If I  get the chance, I would love to do it

Q.13 Do you accept commissions and how can people contact you for the same?
You contact me  at +919009291167 or mail me at

If you are having trouble getting hold of Phantom comics by Regal contact them directly at 94810 52592

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